Orion Read

Tim Heidecker

Titanic and Other Songs

After reading that Bob Dylan's forthcoming album, Tempest, will include a 14-minute song about the Titanic, comedian Tim Heidecker set out to record an equally epic song about the ship, to "see if I could beat the master to it." The rhyming ballad begins in 1912 and ends in the present day with James Cameron's decision to re-release The Titanic (1997) in 3-D. "I can't wait to see how close I got to the real thing!"

The album also includes a cover of Dylan's All the Tired Horses (1970), along with previously unreleased songs inspired by: the failed sequel to suburban biker movie, Wild Hogs (2007); life at home; an assignment from a friend; and fear of death and earthquakes.

Heidecker (Tom Goes to the Mayor, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Billion Dollar Movie, is also half of the soft rock band, Heidecker and Wood.

Edition of 500